Software has to be empowering, not limiting.

On top of the best available open source software, we created our tech stack that is easy to customize with a joyful user and developer experience.

We build performant and highly customizable content and commerce websites. Our e-commerce-ready next.js frontend delivers an app-like experience to customers. It is built on top of a GraphQL API to enable a composable architecture. We use the leading open source headless CMS in the backend, Strapi. For e-commerce, we integrated headless Shopware 6 already but are not limited to it.

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Content Websites

Websites are fully configurable using the component-based headless CMS built on top of Strapi. Instead of using rich text editors and buggy drag and drop builders that produce mediocre HTML, a website is built with simple to configure building blocks. Using well-defined building blocks significantly reduces the risk of errors because you can only enter what the front end will render. It is also joyful for developers and designers since editors cannot misuse CSS, colors, or HTML blocks by mistake. You get a very productive separation between content creation, design, and development. Also, maintainability is excellent since all your content is just data without styling. Changing the UI is simple, which is so important to evolve your site over time fast. You need some custom functionality? We can build anything, that is possible on the web and provide it to the CMS as a simple, configurable component.

Online Shops

Our next.js frontend is e-commerce ready and consumes our Graphql API to which we connect e-commerce backends. Thanks to next.js online shops are consistently super fast. The separation between frontend and backend gives a lot of flexibility. Even more so, since we abstract the sometimes highly complex APIs of e-commerce services to a much more straightforward to consume Graphql API. Building new functionality for end users is much easier and faster. Since we work with the same component-based CMS for online shops, you can easily create rich product descriptions for your shop.

Content and Commerce

Combining content and e-commerce allows you to build entirely new ways of selling. No more but instead one portal where your basket is always present. Using a configurable component, you can build landing pages listing certain products from your e-commerce backend. Or directly showing products with the ability to add to the basket. You can also use any e-commerce functionality directly within your content pages. Combine rich storytelling with frictionless ways to checkout.


"As an academic institute, we publish lots of content from multiple research clusters. Working with Digitale Kumpel was highly professional and fun right from the beginning. Ultimately, we got what we needed and much more, all within budget and time. We are looking forward to our following projects!"

Robin Pass
General Manager, IFHV

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